FAQ e-Campo:

To sign up for an e-Campo course, follow the instructions in this video tutorial (click here) or follow the steps below: 

Access https://www.embrapa.br/e-campo

Choose the desired course; 

Click on the "Learn more" button and you will be redirected to the page with details about the course;< /span>

Click on the "Sign up now" button and you will be redirected to the Embrapa Virtual Learning Environment (AVA-Embrapa); < /p>

If this is your first access, register using an email account and perform validation through the message that will be forwarded to it; 

Already within AVA-Embrapa, at the end of the page, click on the "Register me" button and you will have access to the course.

To access your course, click https://ava.sede.embrapa.br and enter your login and password. Once inside AVA-Embrapa (Virtual Learning Environment), in the blue navigation menu, click on "My courses" and select the course in which you are enrolled.

To recover your password, go to https://ava.sede.embrapa. br/login/forgot_password.php, enter your login (username) or registration email and you will receive a message with instructions for changing your password.

If you are having trouble defining your password, check that the one you choose meets all of the following criteria: be at least 8 characters long; at least 1 digit; at least 1 lowercase letter; at least 1 capital letter; and at least 1 non-alphanumeric character, such as *, -, or #. We know it's a complex password, but it's for your security.

To print your course completion certificate, you must follow the approval criteria in the Participant Guide. 

If all the criteria are met, you should access your course, go to Closing, and after Issuance of Certificate or Certificate of Completion. There you click on Get Certificate. A PDF file will be generated that you can save on your computer.

The e-Campo digital certificate of completion has the necessary information to be accepted as a certificate of completion in a free course, as specified below.

In front presents the following data: 

Name of the certifying institution

Student name < /p>


Course title

Total workload 


On the back contains: 

Student name 

Course title Syllabus 


Certificate identifier code

Lagos logos partner institutions and triad Embrapa, Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock and Federal Government

The date on the certificate is the date of the first issue of the certificate in the training, and it is not possible to change it . 

Note: the Government Virtual School informs that the CPF number, date and place of birth will not appear in the certificates made available by EV.G, in compliance with the Law General Protection of Personal Data (LGPD) nº 13,709. This action aims to preserve the personal information of EV.G users.

The distance learning courses offered by Embrapa, through e-Campo, are considered continuing education courses and, therefore, are not subject to recognition by the MEC.

So, the guidance is: in the CPF field, include a slash, the acronym of your country's identity document and the document number. For example: /ID 2043245-SSPDF

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